I am an Assistant Professor in the Discipline of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Indore

Research Interests

I broadly work in spectral graph theory, that is, the study of graphs using the matrices associated with graphs like adjacency matrix, Laplacian matrix, Seidel matrix, etc. The two problem I am primarily interested in are

For the students who want to work with me: please drop me an email if your are interested in the following reasearch areas: Algorithmic Graphs (Matrix) Theory, Computational Complexity, Complex network analysis.

Current project under me (Funded by DST): “Reducing parameterized complexities of matrix determinant and permanents”.

For some open problem proposed by me see Mathoverflow. For some interesting read and ideas see Medium.

Contact Address:

Room No. 408 POD 1 A, IIT Indore
Contact: +91-731-6603224
Indore-453552, MP, India